The Hedge Trimmer, Bush Trimmer, Hedge Clippers or Shrub Trimmer is an agricultural equipment and gardening tool with a chain saw blade used to cut or trim bushes, hedges and shrubs. SONAS Indian Machines manufactures and exports various farming, construction and general power tools and construction such as hedge trimmer, Earth Augers, Weeder, Brush Cutter, Lawn Mover, Steel Rod Cutters, Angle Grinders, Chain Saw, Car Washer or Pressure Washer, Garden Power Tiller, Paint Sprayer according to the customer’s requirement in Zambia. SONAS also manufactures and exports various construction machinery, agricultural equipment, food processing machines and general machines to Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, many other countries in Africa and South East Asia.

Power 500 W ( Electric )
Blade Size 600 mm
Weight 3.5 kg

Customers are free to call for any customizable feature on any product dealt by SONAS.


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