The UNICORN – 1000 Liter Reversible Diesel Concrete Mixer has two non-tilting frustum shaped drums with opening on both sides. The constituents of the aggregate is fed through a hopper in one end and the final concrete mix is collected from the other. The same set of blade in the mixer facilitates the mixing process in one direction and the discharge process of the concrete mix in the opposite direction. The reversible mixer is capable of preparing concrete mixtures of varying strength precisely as well as quickly and depending on the ratio of the aggregate, a wide range of concrete compressive strength or grades can be achieved. SONAS Indian Machines is backed by rich experience and manufacturing and exporting wide range of concrete mixers in Zambia. SONAS also manufactures and exports various construction machinery, agricultural equipment, food processing machines and general machines to Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, many other countries in Africa and South East Asia.

Capacity 1000 Lit Drum
Power 26 HP Heavy Duty Diesel Engine
Features Non-corrosive, High Grade 6mm Iron Drum
Heavy Duty Hydraulic Pumps,Tyre Wheels for Long Towing
Hydraulic Power Steering Control
High Grade Hydraulic Cylinders
Ladder Angled Heavy Duty Hydraulic Hopper
Only 3 Minutes for a Mixing Cycle
Less Diesel Consumption
Fast and Uniform Mixing
Highly Rugged Specially Designed for Africa
* At Standard Conditions

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