Rebar Threading Machine or the Rebar Threader is one of the bar handling machine used in the construction industry. The Rebar Threading Machines forms threads on bars and steel rods to reinforce the bars into the concrete.SONAS Indian Machines Manufactures and exports various Bar processing like, Bar Bending Machine, Bar Cutting Machine, Stirrups Making Machine, Rebar Threading Machine and Bar Straightening in different capacities according to the customers requirements. SONAS also manufactures and exports wide range of construction machinery, agricultural equipment, food processing machines and general machines to Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, many other countries in Africa and South East Asia.

Max Threading Length 80 mm
Power 4 kW Three Phase ( 440 V )
Rebar Threading Diameter 16 – 40 mm
Threading Speed 40 – 65 rpm
Threading Angle 60° – 75°
Weight 450kg

Customers are free to call for any customizable feature on any product dealt by SONAS.