The Backhoe Loader is one of the earthmoving construction equipment with a boom, dipper and a bucket used to dig trenches, break holes and carry the dug materials from one place to another. SONAS Indian Machines Manufactures and Exports a wide range of Heavy Duty equipment such as, Excavators, Backhoe Loader, Bobcat Skid Steer, Stone Crusher, Tandem Rollers, Motor Graders, Drilling Rigs, Liftall Cranes and many more in various capacities according to the customers requirements. SONAS also Exports a wide range of construction machinery, agricultural equipment, food processing machines and general machines to Congo, Angola, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, many other countries in Africa and South East Asia.

Weight 7,000 kg
Gross Power 56 kW
Engine Speed 1,100 rpm
Bucket Capacity 0.3 ㎥
Lifting Capacity 1,580 kg
Reach Height 6.1 m
Max Digging Depth 5.05 m
Payload 1,800 kgf
Features Best In-Class Cabin
Excellent Loader Performance
Four Wheel Transmission
Added Features Like Hydraulic Filter Clogging Indicator, Wear Pads Rust Proof Lock Nuts, Smooth Throttle Control, Wider Dipper and Many More.

Customers are free to call for any customizable feature on any product dealt by SONAS.